22 December 2011

Costa Rica: days 1-5

I recently returned from an amazing volunteer adventure!  I signed up for 2 weeks of Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica with GoEco, a wonderful organization that connects volunteers with deserving projects around the globe.  Here is the link to the Sea Turtle Conservation Project, should you decide you can't live without this experience either.  I was beyond excited for this journey and could not wait to share - below is the start of my daily journal - I had 16 days of incredible adventures, and met friends I'll cherish forever.

<Day 1: I wrote this in the airport before departure> Last night I had a lot of packing and homework to do - I ended up staying up ALL night.  Boy was I tired today!  This morning I flew across the state to visit my family for the day, prior to my departure on the red eye.  It was a great day, just spent hanging out and relaxing.  I got a pedicure with mom and grama, and did a little shopping with my aunt.  Loved spending the day with family.

My family is worried about my traveling alone.  It actually got me a little nervous.  I'm going to take it as a good thing and really be prepared.  I've been so excited about the turtle project that I haven't been as diligent in preparing for travel overseas.  I purchased a Costa Rican Spanish phrase book by Lonely Planet.  The thing I'm most nervous for is communicating - my Spanish is so rusty.  Immersion is the key, and I'm hoping it will be like riding a bike!  Currently just waiting at Gate A8 - ready to get on board so I can SLEEP!  Last night's all nighter is catching up to me :)