20 April 2012

Costa Rica days 14-16

And finally - the tail end of my amazing journey!  I hope the end of this story is everything you've expected it to be :) 

The Volunteer House - my temporary home!

the pool at the volunteer house!
 <Day 14: hopping on a bus>  I'm SO glad I thought to set my phone alarm, because once again I did not wake up to my watch alarm!  It's so quiet!  I really only had time to change my clothes and walk to the Super.  Heidi had wanted me to wake her and say goodbye, so I did and she locked the door behind me.  I talked to a nice couple who were also waiting for the bus.  They gave me a pretty silver ring with a horseshoe on it - "to remember."  I'm not sure if he meant to remember Corozalito, or to remember him... but I'm going with Corozalito :)  The horseshoe kind of looks like a C anyway!  The bus arrived - a school bus - and the man I'd been speaking with loaded my suitcase for me, then we were off!  I slept pretty much the whole way, I couldn't help it!  There were a TON (maybe 2 tons) of people on the bus.  Most continued on to San Jose.  I asked about a bus to Nicoya, and was told 7am.  Perfect - it was 6:30, so not a long wait at all!  One step closer to the ultimate goal of Samara!  Got on the new bus at 7 - it was much nicer and had comfy seats!  Not many people got on in Nandayure, but the bus was over full by the time we reached Nicoya.  People were standing 2x2 all the way down the aisle!!  I got off in Nicoya and started looking around for a Samara bus.  A man approached me, asked where I was going, so I said Samara.  He said he was a taxi driver, had to go to Samara to pick up some people, and so he could drive me for cheap!  He said the next bus to Samara wouldn't be until 10am (it was 8:30).  I said sure, and we walked to his taxi.  I double checked - it was red and had the taxi logo... good to go!  It was about a 30 minute drive, we talked a bit.  I'd asked to go to El Ancla; Katie and Ari said they'd stayed there.  Unfortunately it was full, so I went next door to Locanda - they had space for me!  $30/night for my own room with a private bath - sweet!

03 April 2012

Costa Rica days 6-13

This is the {long overdue} continuation of my Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation journal.  Today you'll get days 6 - 13, and some fabulous photos!  See the previous post for days 1 -5; it was an amazing adventure, so you don't want to miss a day of it!  Stay tuned, and I'll post the final days [14-16] very soon!


momma turtle

<Day 6: Dia de Accion de Gracias!> Today there was a big gringo party in San Miguel for Thanksgiving.  At noon, Katie and I left to get to San Miguel - via a ride with someone in town for 5000 colones ($10) and the bus.  There is another Pretoma project site in San Miguel, so I met those volunteers and got to see their hatchery!  We helped the restaurant prepare for the party - our way of paying for the meal  When dinner was being served, I scooped potatoes for people :-)  They made me a delicious salad for dinner since Thanksgiving is not so vegan!  I loved it, and they were so hospitable!  I had a few beers with Katie, Bogantes, and his friend Joe.  The people who own the restaurant are from Philly, but live here now.  They've hosted Thanksgiving for 3-4 years now - very cool.  After the party, Katie and I got a ride back to Islita with Bogantes and his friend, where we met Caballo (Katie's boyfriend) at a bar.  We hung out for a bit, then went back to the house to sleep.  Katie and I had the day off from patrols for Thanksgiving.

<Day 7: surfing and fun>