08 May 2012

The Next Adventure

Well folks, it's time! The announcement of my next adventure (: my best friend lives in Brisbane, QLD Australia... And I'll be spending 2 months in the land down under with her!! June and July will be one hell of an adventure. What have I done to prepare? Well, I moved out of my apartment, I quit my job and I'm planning a garage sale so I'll have money! Oh, I also bought the plane ticket (:

Everyone keeps asking me what I'll do there and what my plan for after summer is... I'm so thrilled about having no idea that I can't even explain it! It's such a freeing feeling to just pick up my life and go on an adventure. I truly can't believe I've never done this before. In line with the ultimate goal to be a travel writer, you'll get to read all about the adventure and everything I get to experience. This will be my 2nd trip to Australia, so stay tuned for the crazy ride I call my life!

"Don't dream your life. Live your dreams"

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