25 June 2012

travel for singles

According to this article, an interest in travel makes you a more attractive mate! What are your thoughts?

Travel Adds to Your Appeal

I've found some barriers to traveling solo so far this summer. For starters, it's actually more expensive to travel alone! Also, the experiences will be amazing, but sometimes the best thing in life is to have someone to share the memories with. For every solo venture, I'll only be able to say "remember when..." to myself. I've started looking into things like travel for singles, but it seems that the norm is for people to plan out their holidays...and I want to go in the next 5 weeks :) I must admit though, whether I end up in New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Bali or Thailand next month, the worst day traveling alone is still a damn good day!! Besides, I'm friendly and outgoing, so I should have no troubles meeting people! Maybe that more expensive solo hotel room or cruise cabin will be a welcome escape after hanging out with new friends all day...

20 June 2012

The Aussie Way

I made myself a lentil burger and a piece of toast today, intending it to be like an open faced sandwich. I sat down at the table with my sandwich on the plate, and a knife and fork. What's this, I wonder? This type of food should just be picked up and eaten. Oh dear, have I begun adopting the Aussie way? Yes, they eat (nearly) everything with a knife and fork! It was an awkward beginning to my lunch, but I must admit, it was much less messy than just using my hands! I think I could get the hang of this!

13 June 2012


You've found yourself in Moura? Oh, are you working in the mines? No? Then do you have family or friends here? No?? Then you must be quite lost. 

 Moura is a quaint mining town in east-central Queensland, and I found myself here for a long weekend for the second reason above. My friend grew up here and we made the 8 hour drive to have a visit. We stayed with his mom, but I did notice at least one motel in town if you do find yourself lost here! The people are lovely, I enjoyed meeting new friends and their family's. Though we just hung out and had drinks at home, I'm told there is a pub in town, and if you happen through on Sunday, playing pool is free! The park looked like a ton of fun for kids, and there are plenty of picnic tables where you could enjoy lunch from a local hangout, Karinya's. We had pizza, but they have a variety of options on the menu! There is also a river not too far out of town, and a viewing point for the mines. My friends' mom said sometimes you can't see anyone working, but lucky for us they were working by the roads the weekend we were there! All in all, it was a wonderful visit. If you do find yourself in Moura, I'd highly recommend getting to know the locals. Lovely people!